A few of my favorite things…

Happy Holidays! I hope everyone has had a great holiday season. Thank you to everyone who purchased gift cards!! I can’t wait to meet everyone who got one under their tree. I’ve been so lucky to have extra time to spend with my family. I’m posting some of my favorite things. We had a great . . . → Read More: A few of my favorite things…

Great Gift Ideas!

Still looking for that perfect gift?? How about a gift certificate for beautiful portraits! Just contact me and we can have one under the tree by Christmas! Newborns, kids, families – and remember, those senior portraits will be here before you know it!


Something a little different than my usual babies! A few weeks ago I photographed Laura for the Post-Gazette. She’s a slackliner. Kind of a tight rope walker, only the line is very loose and she hula-hoops on one leg while doing it! Amazing! Check out her concentration.

. . . → Read More: Slacklining

Little Baby Coalton!

Look at this adorable newborn! Little Coalton was only three days old! Such a good baby and so handsome. His looks come naturally, look at his good looking, sweet parents.



. . . → Read More: Little Baby Coalton!


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