Halloween Baby!

Congratulations to Sherene, Yardon and big sister Aven on their new little baby girl! A little Halloween baby. We just finished a cute two-year old session with their adorable daughter Aven at Phipps Conservatory, squeezing it in before the new baby came. I can’t wait to see the new baby. I know she is adorable.

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Happy Halloween! from Batman (and Robin)

What a crazy Halloween it has been this year. No trick or treating for us tonight, it’s all post-poned until Saturday, thank you Sandy. But a few of us did do a little mini trick or treating for those who can’t make it on Saturday. I just couldn’t resist my Batman friend!

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I photographed little baby Sabrina and her parents on a beautiful fall day with all the colors blazing. She is such a sweetie!! Her smile, beautiful eyes and longest eyelashes I’ve ever seen just make you smile! Thank you Kelly, Manny and Sabrina!

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