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Our goal is to create beautiful memories for years to come. I want you to be able to look at these
photographs and have happy memories of a time that passes all too quickly.

Get everyone excited!
Having your picture taken should be an exciting and memorable experience. Talk to your kids about your photo session as an
exciting event to look forward to. If the kids, and you, are excited they will have more fun and you will have better photographs.

What to wear?
I recommend easy, casual clothes that your kids feel comfortable in.
The simpler the better. Stay away from loud patterns and too frilly dresses. Remember the emphasis is going to be on the
children, not the shirt and tie your little boy is bothered by.
If your little girl won't leave the house without her princess dress on, do it! She'll be happy and adorable! There are only so many
years you can pull off wearing a princess dress, so why not take advantage of it! This goes for superheros too!
Many families like to wear similar outfits. Try to stay in the same color pallet, ex: different blues, grays, not throwing in an orange!
Look at the colors around your home, coordinate with the colors you have. A beautiful wall portrait of your family isn't going to
look good in your home if the colors clash!

Think ahead
Before the session, think about what you would like to do with your photos. Are you looking for something for a specific wall?
Do you want a beautiful album, a book for grandma? If we plan this in advance, I can be sure to get the photos we need.

Just have fun!
The most important tip is to relax and have fun! I hope when you look back on your photographs you will not only remember how cute your kids looked, but what fun you had during the session.




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